Neola Group – Our Value

Our solutions offer compelling new approaches and capabilities that address our client’s issues with greater operational simplicity, superior functionality and a significant return on the investment.

By integrating highly interoperable proven technologies, some of the benefits we have provided our clients include:

Lower costs and improved administrative/operational efficiency
Upwards of 70% savings in storage software, energy requirements, physical footprint through the use of archive, flash, and virtualization technologies.

Increased performance and end-to-end application visibility
Next generation application performance management software offerings bring powerful visualization that improve response times and provide swift problem resolution.

Expanded correlative capabilities and improved decision making
Customized Hadoop ecosystem solutions provides next-gen data analytics tools that enable analysis of various data types and sources at a dramatically lower cost than traditional BI options.

Extended life and expanded functionality of existing storage assets
Storage virtualization enables integration of legacy and low cost storage from multiple vendors that yields dramatic capital and operational savings.

Ensured proper protection and availability of information assets
Backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery solutions to ensure complete protection and recovery of data.

The Neola Group  is a WOSB and EDWOSB.   Partnerships with contract holders of SEWP, NETCENTS-2, GSA ITES-2H, GSA Schedule 70, and NIH-CIO-CS.


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