Hitachi Vantara Federal

Hitachi Vantara Federal now combines their long history of excellence in providing industry leading infrastructure solutions with their data analytics and operational technology expertise to drive meaningful outcomes from your data. They offer a robust portfolio of solutions to manage, store, govern, blend, analyze and visualize data to uncover insights and then take useful action.

As one of Neola Group’s strategic partners, Hitachi Vantara Federal works closely with Neola to provide a comprehensive approach to data management and analytics. Here are some of their offerings that simplify the challenge of Big Data while optimizing functionality to expand the collaboration and the interrogation of our client’s data.

The Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) is a powerful object storage solution that frees data from silos and delivers visibility and control across your enterprise.

As recognized by Gartner in the leader’s quadrant and with over 1800 customers, the HDP enables federal agencies to store, share, sync, protect, preserve, analyze and retrieve file data from a single system. HDP is more efficient, easier to use, and capable of handling much more data than traditional file storage solutions and it automates day-to-day IT operations such as data protection and governance. It supports S3, so it is cloud ready, providing a comprehensive bridge to and from the cloud and enabling deeper data analysis with powerful metadata and search capabilities.

Pentaho is a unified data integration and analytics platform that employs drag-and-drop functionality and advanced visualization tools to enable the blending of disparate flows of both structured and unstructured data.

Pentaho’s powerful orchestration capabilities speed design and deployment of big data analytics and its robust and tightly coupled analytics features build big data blends and stream them directly for more complete and accurate analytics.

Hitachi Data Intelligence (HDI) is an intelligent data discovery and transformation platform whose analytics improves productivity and enables actionable business insights.

HDI locates and identifies the most relevant data regardless of its type or location and assigns data value with automated cataloging, transformation, and augmentation. It can connect data across internal and cloud hosted systems, place data into a meaningful form that can then be integrated and consumed, enrich data value by customizing existing data and augmenting content, and then help to deliver relevant, insightful information to users independent of location.

Hitachi’s next-generation infrastructure offerings continue their long-time commitment to providing outstanding performance and availability that reduces risk, exceeds services levels and lowers costs.

Hitachi’s storage, converged, and hyper-converged offerings provide solutions that streamline IT management and increase IT agility. By utilizing advanced analytics and automation, Hitachi improves operational efficiency, mitigates risk, and speeds time to deployment on and off premises to accelerate digital transformation.

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